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Get To Know Me: Why Darby Lane?

Darby Lane is the first address I ever memorized. It is a real place where my parents had 40 acres of rural farm land with a small mini-farm or homestead. We had quarter horses, rabbits, chickens, goats, a steer at one point for meat, and the usual barn cats and dogs. It is the earliest place I remember living (we had other addresses before Darby Lane), but at 5 years old I had to memorize my address to prepare for kindergarten. I practiced for weeks and my family giggled every time I mispronounced the words as “Garby/Dawby Wayne”.

My parents planted fruit trees and a big garden and some grape vines too. We had an above ground swimming pool, a creek to play in, and tons of fields and pasture. My mom canned food from her garden, we milked dairy goats, and ate goat meat and venison my dad hunted. It is a place I think of fondly for the hard work and creativity it inspired. We only lived there for 4 years before my parents divorce, but they were the early formative years that shaped me. Planting, gardening, harvesting, and creating were the fabric of daily life on Darby Lane. It’s where I learned to ride horses, walk up and down the long hill of our gravel driveway and get on the big yellow school bus for the first time when I started kindergarten.

Darby Lane embodies inspiration and creativity for me. I hope you enjoy the photo of 7 year old me with my mom’s quarter horse C-Top. Please comment and share this post! Let me know if you have any get-to-know-me questions you’d like me to post.

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